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House Wines


Four Cousins Sweet
A fragrant,ruby-red wine with soft rose better perfume and flavours of ripe plums,strawberries and exotic spices.
18,000 By Glass

Van Loveren Merlot
Lightlynaked wine with soft strawberry notes on the nose, a rich fruity palate and soft, well balanced lannins, ensuring easy drinking.
20,000 By Glass

JP Chenet Colambard Merlot
A very Expressive bouquet highlighting subtle notes of lime fruit
18,000 By Glass


Four Cousins Sweet
A fragrant, sunshine coloured wine with gentle honey suckle perfume flavours of ripe plums, strawberries and exotic spices.
18,000 By Glass

Van Loveren Chardonnay
A dry, well balanced with clean citrus and light smokey and nutty tones on the palate
20,000 By Glass

JP Chenet Colambard Sauvignon
Floral pear and apple fruit. Soft and dry, creamy texture An easy quaffer
18,000 By Glass

Red Wines


Yvecourt Bordeaux
A lovely fruity and aromatic wine with notes of ripe red fruits, pleasant in the mouth. Discover its beautiful aromatic structure with a long finish.
72,000 By Bottle

JP Chenet Merlot
A simple, smooth, medium-bodied French red wine blend of Cabernet and Merlot
60,000 By Bottle

Mouton Cadet
Slight flavours of cherry and vanilla coming from the nose followed by a crisper clean palate.
150,000 By Bottle

B&G Reserve Merlot
An intense nose dominated by red fruit with spices and oak notes.
85,000 By Bottle


Consigna Shiraz
The grapes mature perfectly between the necessary heat of the day and the cool of the evenings.
50,000 By Bottle

Consigna Cabernet Sauvignon
The palate exhibits the same characteristics of fruit and vegetables
50,000 By Bottle


One of the best wines Zonin family. Fresh and subtle, it exudes a sweet aroma of violets and evokes memories of sunny summer meadow.
85,000 By Bottle

Zonin Merlot
Pleasantly full and intense with soft tannins and a long fruity finish.
60,000 By Bottle


Zonnebloem Merlot
Fruity flavours, soft tannins and lingering aftertaste. Nice with curries.
120,000 By Bottle

Zonnebloem Shiraz
First impressions are of peppery aromas, which lead to a complex palate of dark plums and rich berries.
120,000 By Bottle

Simonsig Shiraz – Stellenbosch
Spicy complexity and fruity flavours.
205,000 By Bottle

Simonsig Adelberg
A light red with a multi-faced Rose as a result of its blend of several cultivars. Briefly oaked in wooden barrels dry.
100,000 By Bottle

Simonsig Pinotage
The palate of silky and long with plenty of red fruit.
175,000 By Bottle

KWV Cabernet Sauvignon
This vibrant cabernet sauvignon exudes aromas of rasp berry, mulberry and cracked black pepper with hints of cigar box, herbs and cedery oak
100,000 By Bottle

Nederburg winemasters Reserve Pinotage
A bounty of plums and prunes and some subtle oak spice.
95,000 By Bottle


Veramonte Reserve Pinot Noir
Delicate aromas of strawberries, red cherries and blue berries reflect the true characteristics of true coastal vineyards.
150,000 By Bottle

White Wines


Premius Bordeaux
It has a lovely rasp berry colour with purple shimmers, followeed by a fine, powerful and fruity association of berry, strawberry and roasting.
110,000 By Bottle

B&G Chablis
A great wine, the colour is pale gold yellow with greenish hints. Refined nose with aromas of lily, astounding depth of velvety sensatrion.
265,000 By Bottle

The fresh nose reveals aromas of exotic fruits with a hint of blackcurrant buds
100,000 By Bottle

Baron D Arignac Chard Med Dry
Dry and fresh Southern French white. Aromas of petals and citrus fruits.
55,000 By Bottle


Hardys VR Chardonnay
Full of rich melon and peach flavours. A crisp dry finish well balanced.
60,000 By Bottle

Hardys Nottage Hill Riesling
An aromatic dry white wine displaying fresh citrus flavours of lemon and lime.
80,000 By Bottle


Viala Bianco Sweet
Fruity, gentle aromatic and harmonious.
55,000 By Bottle

Zonin Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie
Lightly dry yet extremely fresh, pleasantly balanced with an elegant structure.
85,000 By Bottle


 A fruity wine that is very clean, soft and off-dry. Grapes are picked from selected vineyards
155,000 By Bottle


Simonsig Adelberg Sauvignon Blanc (Adelblanc)
A superb blend of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc with an attractive appearance and refined dry.
75,000 By Bottle

Simonsig Chenin Blanc
A refreshing fruity dry wine with hints of tropical aromas, dry wine.
125,000 By Bottle

Four Cousins Sweet
A fragrant sunshine coloured wine with gentle honey suckle perfume flavours of ripe plums, strawberries and exotic spices.
50,000 By Bottle

Simonsig Chardonnay – Stellenbosch
A classic wine. Full bodied dry with rich undertones of caramel, vanilla and citrus supported by oaky wood flavours.
200,000 By Bottle

KWV Chardonnay
Aromas of orange blossom peach and pear with subtle butterscotch undertones. The finish is crisp and zesty.
75,000 By Bottle

Zonnenbloem Sauvignon Blanc

100,000 By Bottle


B&G Passeport Rose
Fine and elegant nose with ripe berries aromas with hints of black pepper.
100,000 By Bottle

Nederburg Foundation Rose
Soft and fruity aromas with an abundance of strawberries, light to medium bodied wine.
65,000 By Bottle


KWV Cuvee Brut (Dry)
This wine is full of natural fruity aromas and flavours of the grapes which have been carefully balanced with a crisp dry finish.
80,000 By Bottle

Freixenet Cordon Negro
It is crisp, clean and well balanced. It is medium bodied with a palate of apple, pear and bright citrus flavours with a moderately long finish.
90,000 By Bottle

B&G Sparkling Rose
Strawberry, raspberry and gentle spice aromas rich, fresh cherry aromas.
110,000 By Bottle


Moet et Chandon Brut
With its perfect balance of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier has become One of the world’s most loved champagnes. Moet is characterised by bright fruitness and elegant maturity.
790,000 By Bottle