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Le Chateau

Soupe de tomates à la crème aux boules de viande

Cream of fresh tomato with meat balls

Le Chateau

Croquettes au Crevettes, persil frit et sauce Tartare

North Sea Shrimp croquettes with fried parsley and Tartar sauce

Le Chateau

“Vol-au-vent” Classique, pommes de terre purée

Crispy puff pastry with creamy chicken and mushrooms, mashed potatoes

Chef Ernest Kayondo


This is my 11th year as a chef. I started cooking practice in my senior two with private lessons at home and officially started cooking in my senior 6 vacation. What inspired me was the level of Art and creativity that revolves around cooking from cooking recipes to how food is presented on the plate.

Le Chateau
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Le Château

Customer Reviews

  • Le chateau is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Kampala… perfect ambiance and even better food and drinks.

  • Great food. Nice atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone.

  • Very quiet, relaxed, nice ambience. The lighting at night is romantic. Clean toilets, good service, and good food. For dessert, they have cheese cake that's to die for.

  • Probably some of the best food I've had in Uganda when it comes to European dining. At many hotels, I'm usually skeptical as to whether the description on the menu will match what I get, but this was fine dining!

  • New Chef Paul has brought the cuisine to life with fresh creations but also by keeping some of the crowd favourites. The new setup is classy and trendy and the previously rustic look has made way for a very contemporary restaurant. Highly recommended!

    Wolfgang H. Thome